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April 05 2020

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Mama and baby fox admiring the sunset in Minecraft.

Some facts about foxes in Minecraft. And yes, you can tame foxes in Minecraft, but it's tricky.

Foxes move quickly just like ocelots and flee out of neighboring wolves and players.  But they don't flee if the player approaches them while sneaking. They are unaffected by sweet berry bushes, taking no damage or speed reduction while going in them.  Breeding 2 adults using sweet berries produces a kit that trusts the player, but follows nearby adult foxes.  Obviously spawned kits don't trust players.
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Jump, jump around.
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January 06 2020

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Another look at Greenfield, a massive city map in Minecraft.
The city of Greenfield at sunset. Greenfield is one of the biggest (maybe THE biggest?) city maps in all of Minecraft. It will take you weeks to explore it completely.

November 29 2019

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A windmill in the Falcon's Rock map from Minecraft
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A windmill in the Falcon's Rock map from Minecraft
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A stone castle from the Falcon's Rock map in Minecraft. Here it is built upon a small plateau of stone.
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Buildings and Bamboo fields - scenes from the Falcon's Rock map in Minecraft.
A wheat field in Falcon's Rock, a popular medieval themed Minecraft Map.

September 06 2019

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An underground lake in Minecraft.
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Chickens on the water in Minecraft

August 04 2019

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A gorgeous house in Minecraft built on a lake. It's lakefront property!
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You haven't really played Minecraft until you've started messing around with Command Blocks. Here is a simple guide to getting started with Command Blocks in Minecraft. I'm still getting used to the different types of Command Blocks in the game:

- Impulse/chain/repeat
- Conditional/unconditional
- Always Active/Needs Redstone

Sooner or later I will figure it out.

There is also a guide to command blocks on the Minecraft Wiki. I did not know they have been around since 2012! And of course you can only use them in Creative mode because using them in Survival mode would be cheating big-time.

July 08 2019

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An aerial view of the Greek Mythology world from the Minecraft Greek mythology pack. It's a very cool pack if you're into Greek Mythology like me.
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Hopper, we love you! An ode to Hopper in Minecraft using the Hopper skin from the Stranger Things skin pack and the Greek Mythology world. I don't know why I went with Greek Mythology for this one. I wonder if there's a 4th of July fair pack out there.
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Sharing some ice cream in Season 3 of Stranger Things.

I finished all eight episodes of the season. It was bigger, bolder, and definitely scarier than seasons 1 and 2.

June 23 2019

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Birds-eye view of a beautiful landscape in Minecraft.
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Looking out over a forest in Minecraft while the sun rises over the landscape. It's a beautiful scene on a well-populated Minecraft survival server.
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A beautiful and elaborate Egyptian temple in Minecraft at night.
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